'Pieces of Fate' is the exciting new offering from David P Elliot and features 6 tales in the great tradition of the British short story. Read them all in this anthology launched in paperback and in all e-book formats on the 15th April 2011. Individual stories are also available in digital format only for download. more
'Clan' is David P Elliot's internationally acclaimed debut novel released in 2008 which has sold in 15 countries and has also been translated into German. This historical supernatural thriller is available in paperback, all ebook formats and as an unabridged audio book read by the author, with a run-time of 540 minutes it is available as an MP3 or AAC (iPod) download or in CD format.  more
Caroline is a murder mystery short story in e-book format only. As one of the tales from 'Pieces of Fate' it is the only one that has been previously published.  more
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28 years after a young child is rescued from a supernatural attack the nightmares have begun.

Are these simply childhood memories emerging from somewhere buried deep in his subconscious? Or has the Evil really returned to attack him once more?

In David P Elliot's sequel to his historical supernatural thriller 'Clan', Thomas Ralstone needs to turn again to his family to understand what is happening and why a Russian mercenary is stalking him and seems determined to return him to the scene of his childhood nightmares in the Borders of Scotland and the dark brooding menace of Hermitage Castle where it seems a 700 year old curse is once again unravelling to threaten him.